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LushFloraMy - LIVE PLANT Schefflera arboricola (Tapak Itik)

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Indoor Plant

Schfflera arboricola, also known as Dwarf Umbrella Tree, is a popular indoor plant that is native to Taiwan.

The Dwarf Umbrella Tree is a small, bushy tree that can reach up to 10 feet in height in its native habitat, but it typically grows to around 3-6 feet when grown indoors. The plant has dark green, glossy leaves that are made up of 7-9 leaflets that radiate out from a central stem, giving it an umbrella-like appearance.

One of the benefits of growing Schfflera arboricola is its tolerance of low-light conditions, making it an excellent choice for indoor spaces with limited sunlight.

Water : Moderate

Light : Semi shade 

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